We are here to help you along your journey, from measuring your head before your first wig purchase all the way through learning to care for your growing wig collection and becoming a WIG QUEEN yourself!

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Q: What is the difference between Basic & Luxury wigs?

A: Basic wigs are a bit more shiny and heavier compared to our Luxury line. They are machine-made and typically you will need to cut the lace yourself. Basic wigs are offered at a lower price point. Our Luxury line boasts an undetectable hairline and the lace is pre-cut. These wigs are handmade, lightweight, and created to look and feel like your natural hair.


Q: How long will my Luxury wig last?

A: The life of your wig depends on several factors such as your environment, how often you are wearing it, and how well you care for it. also keep in mind that applying heat to the wig will affect the longevity.


Q: How do I know what size wig I need?

A: Using a soft measuring tape, measure from your hairline behind your ears, to the nape of your neck in order to get your head circumference. Check out a demonstration here.


Q: What is the difference between full & partial monofilament?

A: Full monofilaments have more hand-stitched hairs in the cap and you can part the wig freely. With a partial monofilament, you cannot part the wig ear to ear, but you can shift the wig a little.


Q: Can I use heat on my Luxury wig?

A: Yes! Our Luxury wig line is heat friendly up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. (We do not advise using heat on our Basic wig styles.) We recommend our 2-in-1 Airflow Curling/ Straightening Wand. It makes achieving those flat iron curls a breeze! Click here to check it out!


Q: My wig is tangling! What can I do?

A: All wigs will tangle, frizz, and fray. the longer the wig, the more this will happen. Always gently remove tangles using our wig comb after each wear. We also recommend grabbing our Magic Fix Spray. Its called magic for a reason! This product will help to eliminate frizz and make your wig soft and silky. plus, it also acts as a heat protectant!


Q: Can I wash my Luxury wig?

A: Yes, but only with wig-safe products. Our Wig Kit comes with everything you need to care for your Luxury wig. We cannot guarantee using other products will not damage your wig.


Q: What is the Fine Collection?

This line features wigs that are more lightweight and lower density. These styles are great for those who have naturally thin hair.


Q: What is the most comfortable wig?

A: Hand-tied wigs are the top-of-the-line wig cap and exactly what you are looking for! The fibers are hand-sewn into an ultra-thin, soft mesh (rather than wefts) that sits comfortably on your head. Hand-tied wigs are recommended especially if you have any scalp sensitivity.


Q: What color wig band should I get?

A: You will want to match the band to the root color of the wig. It doesn't have to be exact. See our suggestions below:

Nude band for blonde rooted wigs
Brown band for brown or black rooted wigs
Black band for brown or black rooted wigs
Silver band for gray or silver rooted wigs


Q: Are Luxury wigs made of human hair?

A: No, our Luxury wigs are made of a proprietary synthetic blend of fibers that are made to look and feel like human hair without the maintenance or the price.


Q: Can I cut my wig?

A: Yes, we encourage you to have a stylist help you to make it your own! They can frame it just the way you like, add layers, cut off some length, or even cut bangs into it! We offer these styling services and more here.


Q: Can I dye or color treat my wig?

A: No, none of our products should be dyed. Doing so could damage your wig.


Q: What is a topper?

A: A topper is a hair piece that clips onto the top of the head. They do not cover the entire head and do not hide your natural hair. They are great for adding volume and layers to your hair. Our toppers are handmade with monofilament tops, made of the same fibers as our Luxury wigs. Toppers are great for those who don't want to wear a full wig, or someone looking to just add more volume and/or to cover up thinning areas.