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"Heather is absolutely amazing- very caring and encouraging. I recently decided to purchase a wig because I am experiencing hair loss. I did my research about wigs and looked into a bunch of places to purchase fro. Heather's wigs came out on top all around - quality, styles, and price! 

My first wig came today (Tristan from the luxury line) and I couldn't be more happy. The wig is light, comfortable, heat friendly and has an undetectable hairline. Not to mention she is beautiful and it honestly does not look like a wig. "  - Kamilia Lathan 


"The quality of their products are the best! The wigs are natural looking and feel amazing when wearing them. They have great customer service. Shipping is extremely fast. I would highly recommend any product from them!" -Jessica West


"I have ordered three times and received my items within a few days each time. The wigs are beautiful and the clothing is quality. If you are on the fence take the plunge - I promise you are worth it!" - Ellie Williams 

"I got my first wig a couple weeks ago, and I love it so much! The color, how amazing it fits my head as well! I get so many compliments and people don't even know its a wig! The quality is fantastic and watching Heather makes my day!" - Shailyn Henderson 

"I have five wigs now from Heather and I'm OBSESSED. They are gorgeous, good quality wigs and really help boost your confidence. Love everything about this company!!! Such great people!" - Karli Marie Gundersen

"I bought my first wig. I had a blast in Allison this past weekend. I will definitely be purchasing more. I had so many compliments and shocked faces when they found out it was a wig." - Madison Stephens


"They are amazing!!!! Looks so real!" - Britt Diane

"Heather and Sean are an amazing team and they are uplifting. The wigs help my confidence and they are so easy to put on and go. I have had so many people ask me where I get my hair done and I tell them that they can get the same hair care at they think that it's where you make an appointment with a hairdresser. But seriously they changed my life." - Ellen Elizabeth

"Absolutely love, love, love my new biggie!!! Sent these pictures to my husband and he is completely supportive and on board with me wearing them in the future. I feel very confident and she isn't hot or heavy at all. Thank you so much Heather, I feel as though I am going to be an addict!" - LC Gulliver Barton


"My first wig from this place and I am in love! I have never had a good wig and I hate my natural hair as I friend it and it is super damaged. My confidence is back! It looks so natural and I can brush through it so easily!" - Lexi Keso

"Absolutely the best wigs and Heather and Sean are amazing!!!" - Sarah Goad

" These are such amazing wigs! Spend the extra and get a luxury one u won't be disappointed! I got the Barb! Her cut, color and everything about her is perfect! I didn't even put the wig cap on! It was just so beautiful! It's lightweight and I can't get enough of it! Thank you guys!!" - Jess Lee

"So I have now 12 wigs from Heather and I love each and every one of them!! Wearing wigs is a confidence booster and I am happy that I found Heather!!" - Jennesse Ronan

"I bought my first wig a little over a month ago and it quickly became an obsession! I now have 3 wigs and one on the way, clothes and beautiful lipstick. Amazing products, fast shipping and even better customer service!!" - Tiffany Kaye

" Every wig I've purchased has been great! They are exactly as shown, as described and the options for style and color are seemingly endless! Heather and Sean are super real, super personable and a lot of fun to watch on the lives! If you have been thinking about wig, then you definitely need to be shopping here! You won't regret it!" - Karly Claire