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Hello, Let me introduce myself. I’m Marci , I will be 64 this month. I recently got out of a very unhealthy marriage, so at this point in my life I’m starting over from scratch. Had you asked me 15 years ago where I would be. Living with my sister and starting over would not have been my answer.

I have been shopping with Wigs For Every Woman Hair & Clothing Botique for over 3 years. I found Heather just searching Facebook. I started her watching regularly. That was my start into wearing wigs! I was in a accident over 23 years ago and have been living in chronic pain. So washing my hair, drying it and styling it, put me in so much pain, I would be in bed for days. So after a month of watching I bought my first & I haven’t stopped since.

What a difference it made in my life. Not only did it help with my pain, but it helped with my confidence and so much more. I have over 50 plus Wigs. All different colors, lengths, styles and more. I want to help you feel the best you can be in your wig. Learn to take care of it, wash it, how to do different styles and so much more! I have been trained by Heather Dye to be able to do these VIP Consultation’s with you.

I look forward to joining you on a consultation and helping you the best way I can!

Talk to you soon! Marci 🌻

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