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Hi ! My name is Tricia.

I am a 48 year old woman residing with my husband and 3 children in Milford Pa. This location is on the border of NY and NJ, making it convenient to do recreational things and visit family and friends. I am a therapist by day and am in private practice. I am thankful that I have this community of ladies who empower one another and building each other up. I have met many friends I didn't know I needed until I looked at my own life and felt something was missing. I never knew I needed this community until I took that leap of faith in October 2022 and purchased my very 1st wig after spending a year being captivated and intrigued by the Facebook Lives but watching in secret. I kept telling myself I could do it too but then doubted that I could pull it off.

The funny thing is that I didn't need a wig, my bio hair is great but I desired wanting to look extra and wanting to change my look often and experiment with styles and colors. I also came into my own and for the very 1st time - making some bold decisions in how I looked felt very liberating. Through this journey , I finally found myself who was suppressed and undiscovered with a whole new confidence. I wanted to be part of something special and enrich the lives of women and link arms with these ladies and it came at just the right time. I didn't know if I had it in me and so I remember returning my wig thinking it was too much hair and I couldn't pull it off. I had my internal fears running rampant - about what my friends and family would think , would it fall off, wouldn't think to dare leave the house in that, etc. It wasn't until after I was issued an exchange when I decided to try it again and this time was able to purchase something perhaps more complimentary to me as a 1st time wig wearer.

This VIP program is so important because I didn't have the full experience of the products initially and felt lost, like I was in another world unbeknownst to me. I remember reaching out to ladies on the WFEW testimonial page and sought guidance from them. For me, wigs are a fun accessory, a time-saver, and a confidence booster and I love changing my look any time I want. I look forward to being VIP as you explore this new world of wigs and have many different styles and colors to show you.

Some of my favorites are the red tones and mocha swirl , chocolate cake , cinnamon spice , gingerbread and quite a few blondes. I am so excited for you to feel and look amazing as you deserve to be.

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