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Hello! I’m Jen, 50 years young and a married mom with 3 adult children.

I’m new to the world of putting myself first and creating a new me.

I’m packing in a lot of stuff into this recreated human, and I’ve never been happier. I was a stay-at-home mom for nearly 23 years. married my high school honey and we celebrated our 31st anniversary this year. Last year I started a new career, I’m an executive administrator for an infrastructure company. My boss lady says I’m the goddess of all things. I like that title! I purchased, on my own, with my own earnings, a Can-am Spyder a few years back and ride with my hubby on his Harley, and more exciting I’m part of a woman’s riding group. We are nonprofit and give back to our community where we can.

As a cancer survivor, I really have a deep passion for helping women feel amazing and strong. I’m part of a “wigged out” ride that raises money every year to fit people with wigs who have lost their hair. When I started losing mine it was a nature transition into wigs. I didn’t know how much they would change my life! No longer do I wear a baseball cap 24/7. No longer do I panic when I have an event where a hat wouldn’t be cute with my outfit. I’ve gone from hiding behind the scenes to being out front and participating with enthusiasm. What a gift. My kids can’t believe who I am today. I can’t believe who I am today.

I’m proud of whom I’m becoming and I would love to chat with other gals and help them find themselves as well! This opportunity also will help me in my goal of supporting my causes and putting wigs on hairless heads fighting cancer. I couldn’t be more humbled to be here.

 I hope to meet you soon! I have a variety of wigs to show, short to long, blonde to Brazillian brown. I’m adding all the time! Lovely to Bella, Vanessa to serendipity!
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