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I have been playing dress up for as long as anyone can remember.

From showing friends how to wear make up and styling them in my early teens, to working backstage at fashion shows and volunteering with Look Good Feel Better in my 20s and now exploring my many sides with wigs.

Dressing up has always been my feel good place, even at my absolute lowest emotionally and physically I turned to styling my hair and make up to look better and then feel better. I have spent my life advocating for women to feel no shame in wanting to look their best, so they could feel their best, and guiding them in exactly how they can achieve those goals. Wearing wigs started as part of my job, then became my solace when my thyroid struggles left my hair thin and frail.

I went through more money then I care to admit until I finally found Wigs For Every Woman and found the wigs that I could comfortably call my own because they felt like a part of me. I have grown to love the community here, women who are honest and transparent. Women who support one another and lift each other to feel more confidence. I have helped members of the community find their perfect starter wig, or their perfect next glow up, and Im now proud to be a certified Wig Consultant in the community.

My personal collection started with Hollywood Blonde but grew to encompass the entire blonde family. I’m now venturing into colors and styles I never thought I would wear but I am enjoying all of the different women I can be just by changing my wig. If you’re are nervous to wear your first wig or you are just overwhelmed by the huge variety of wigs available, I’m here to help. I’d love to help you feel the new found confidence that wearing these gorgeous wigs brings and discover how easy and time saving they are. I have a large selection of styles and colors I can show you, to help you on your journey and I pride myself in having a natural instinct in finding every woman’s perfect style.

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